eMeals: Day 1

Finally got the Groupon deal to eMeals and signed up right away. Tonight was our very first eMeals dinner! I was a bit nervous using spices and ingredients I am not familiar with but the whole thing could not have been easier.

Of course my plating skills leave something to be desired but here you have it…

Spicy Lemon Chicken with a side made of couscous, baby spinach, pine nuts, garlic, goat cheese and lemon juice.


Review of the meal: The chicken breasts I cooked were extremely large and while they did get cooked perfectly, they were so large that the flavor did not penetrate much past the skin. Next time I would use boneless chicken breasts perhaps. I must admit I was nervous about the couscous side dish but ended up LOVING it. The lemon juice gave it a zing and the pine nuts gave it a crunch. Very good.

Try it out if you think you’ll like it, the Groupon goes until April 10th I believe.


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