I did something this morning that I don’t normally do. I ran two days in a row. Each week this program asks you to run 3 out of 7 days. It even insists you use the other 4 days to rest. I suppose you could cross train or something. I am the person who starts out being completely overzealous and then loses momentum very, very quickly. So with all that in mind, I took the program at its word and complete a run, rest, then complete another one. Then I have the weekends free. Sounds like a great plan.

This week, life of course interrupted things. Normally I’d say “well, there goes that idea” and throw it out the window. But amazingly enough I already enjoy this program so much that I’m thinking ahead and planning for things! My father is going for surgery tomorrow. I need to travel this afternoon 2 hours to my moms house and drive with my brother and my dad very early tomorrow morning to the hospital (its another hour away). Then of course Friday I’ll be driving home. I had planned to run Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday this week but knew I’ll probably be spending most of Thursday at the hospital worrying about my dad. So I ran today. I have a million things to do before I can leave town tonight but this has become IMPORTANT to me. Wow, can’t believe I’m saying that. I really really want to reach this goal. I really really want to RUN (or jog) a 5k.

Moving on to the actual workout. I am still so sore from Monday’s intense workout that I decided to treat myself by doing my run, then hitting up the steam room. I had been wondering at what point I hit one mile. Its not a whole mile of running, I started calculating at the very beginning so it includes the warm up and all the the walking intervals. At 16:17 I reached one mile. I know people can probably do a mile in like 5 minutes but I’ve never actually known how long I can complete a mile in. So having a number is actually a big deal to me. Even if it is 16 minutes and 17 seconds. Now I have a starting point. Now I know what kind of fitness shape I am in. Now I know that when I run a mile in 10 minutes, that will be a BIG deal. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I’d like to get it in under 15 minutes for starters. Maybe that will happen in Week 4.

At the end of the workout I took this shot of the treadmill screen.


Over a mile and a half in under 30 minutes. That’s what Week 3 asks of you. I did 3.0 speed for walking and 5.0 speed for the running with a 1.0 incline. I did 1.5 last time and felt that was pushing it.

There is a long path that starts next to the gym and goes around the “town center” where the gym is located. I think its entirely flat. I hope next week to run outside. Its too hot to run in the afternoon when the kids are napping (and hubby is working from home). So the only other option to run outside (alone) is to drop the kids off at the gym and run on the trail around the gym. I heard from a friend thats the only time they let you leave the gym while your kids are in the play center. I think running and walking at my own pace will give me a much more accurate time assessment as to what I can expect when I complete the 5k.

I hope to complete Day 3 either Friday or Saturday. I will not let life get in the way. No excuses.



I can see why people quit in Week 4 now. The amount of time I spend walking is now equal to the time I spend running. There is now a 3 minute running interval squeezed in for added fun. I was able to keep up with the running surprisingly but I worry next week will do me in. Perhaps I will need to do Week 4 twice. My body wants to quit for sure. Luckily my mind wants to continue on.  I hope my body doesn’t give out on me and I just go flying off the treadmill at some point. Wouldn’t that be a site!

Ran on the treadmill again today. I hope to run on the path around the gym next time. If only I can figure out how to get to it. I tried to use RunKeeper but there didn’t seem to be a setting for running on the treadmill to use with my workout that I entered manually. It will be useful when I run outside but on the treadmill it just seems pointless. I was able to track the total distance on the treadmill itself and then entered that manually into the RunKeeper after I had completed the workout. Not ideal.

After the crazy workout I did yesterday I thought doing the program today would help my thigh muscles relax a bit. Nope. I can barely walk up the three steps from my garage to my house. Really really sore now.

In other news: I found a fun item at Safeway yesterday. Starbucks Iced Coffee. The jury is still out on whether or not I can actually drink coffee (it usually makes me sleepy). But for now I’m happy to try the iced coffee as it is pretty tasty.


First Biggest Loser Workout

When I joined my gym a month or so ago, they set me up with three free appointments with a personal trainer. Today was my final free appointment. He showed me this morning what we would be doing if I decided to keep going with the personal training (not free).

I have no other way to describe it then simply saying it was the saddest Biggest Loser looking workout ever. I can’t remember the exact order but we did 20 kettle bell squats, 20 lunges, 20 weight bar lifts, 20 bounces of a heavy workout type ball, and worst of all 20 jumps onto a low platform.

After I posted this I remembered I also had to do 20 slalom type jumps back and forth over a line.

All of these things were what you see fat people doing on tv and you scream at the television that they can do it and are pathetic if they can’t. Well, today I got a big dose of that back in my face. This stuff was HARD. So hard in fact that half way thru the second set my head started spinning and I realized I was seconds away from either throwing up or passing out. And I wanted to do neither with all these super fit people around me.

My trainer was very kind and walked me to the ladies room so I could go vomit. Luckily once I sat down next to the toilet (major flashbacks to my pregnancy) I started to recover. Of course by the time I returned to the weight area my free hour had almost elapsed and the session was over.

I learned two things this morning. One, that stuff is NO JOKE. Major props to all the fat people on the Biggest Loser. Second, most of this stuff is mental. Yes, I might have passed out and/or thrown up. But that is all temporary. As my trainer said, you go throw up then come right back and continue on. Well, at least next time I know to bring a toothbrush.

Working out and running has brought a clarity to my mind that I’m not sure I’ve ever known. I never want it to go away. Throw up I may but continue I will.

*As a side note my thighs felt like bricks after the workout and I knew there was no way I could do my C25K training today. Tomorrow I will attempt it depending on how epically sore I feel. Shout out to Dave for helping me with the RunKeeper app thing. I’m a total idiot and it took a friend who I see at the gym often to literally show me the steps on her phone so I could copy it to my phone. So now I can use RunKeeper (my favorite app) instead of the C25K. I’m gettin there!


Another week completed!


Here’s a fun little photo for you of my scrawny white legs.

The treadmill has been great to run on but I do miss running outside. I hope to get an outdoor run in at least once a week.  Today had the same routine as the two previous days but for some reason kicked my ass just a little bit more then before. Granted, I did a full strength training workout before hand (thanks squats!). Its almost 12 hours later and I’m still feeling the burn in my calves.

I try not to feel too pathetic. I think pathetic is sitting at home reading about someone else doing it and not making any progress towards a goal. So with each day, I try to remind myself of this and attempt to feel a little less pathetic when I’m exhausted after a 90 second run. Everyone has to start somewhere right?!


Unfortunately its only week 2 and life is already getting in the way of my “training”. I am so exhausted today and not exactly sure why. I don’t think its the running, I think its just the usual exhaustion that comes with raising two year old twins but none the less here we are on Wednesday and I have no energy to get out and run.

I’m hoping that this evening, after dinner I’ll get a second wind, if you will, and head off to the gym alone to get my run in. I feel such satisfaction when I’ve gotten another day of running behind me.


After we put the babies to bed I headed out to the gym. I am so proud of myself for having the motivation to get to the gym at such late an hour. It felt great to get on that treadmill and do the program. I really think having the end goal of the 5k is keeping me on track. LOVE this program!