Every Excuse

I have every reason in the book not to go to the gym in the morning.

Yesterday morning getting the kids into the car was a hassle but getting them from the car to the front door of the gym was even more of a hassle. One kid needed to be held and the other refused to stand or hold my hand. I had their diaper bag and my gym bag. Half way one melted down and as I knelt down to deal with them I thought, screw it. I wanted to head back to the car and go home but I knew going home would result in me dealing with their boredom and fighting for another two hours.

So into the gym we went. I was shocked (and grateful) when they both walked excitedly into the play center and never looked back.

I changed into my running shoes and headed out for a run. I am not a fast runner and after about 30 seconds I could have stopped. I’m not cut out for this I tell myself, I’m not good enough.

The trip home is not any better. Meltdowns, screams, getting sidetracked are all part of the game. I tell myself, no one would blame me if I quit right here and now.

But I do it anyway.