My Erin Condren is here!

My Erin Condren Life Planner has arrived!


More details to follow next week!


Urthbox: June Review

Not too long ago I found a Groupon deal (or maybe Living Social, can’t remember) for a 3 month subscription to Urthbox. It’s a monthly subscription service that provides a generous amount of snacks that can be customized to a certain degree for your liking. I believe they offer gluten free, vegan, etc. I signed up for the normal, healthy snacks, box.

*Major disclaimer here…this box is wicked expensive. $34 a month for snacks. I would not ever pay that much for a single box of snacks every month. But with the deal it wasn’t too costly so I decided to try it out.

Some of the snacks were great, some weren’t so great but they are all healthy and thats what we were aiming for. It was great fun to try out new things we’ve never seen before. There was one snack that I ate immediately, it was seasoned nori…seaweed. SO tasty!


Verdict: If you find a deal for it, give it a go. Otherwise I’d just go to Whole Foods and pick out snacks you know you will like.

Goodwill Goods: June Edition

Depending on where you live or what kind of Goodwill you have, you can find some real hits or some seriously real misses. The Goodwill we have locally can have a lot of both.

Last time I went I didn’t end up buying anything but did find some things they would be very useful for organizing!


Plastic pencil boxes galore! But don’t think of them only as boxes. You can beak them apart and use both the top and bottom as containers in a drawer to separate items such as makeup.


Something I think is often overlooked are Staples binders. I think they are great but are pretty pricey usually. You can usually always find at least one at a Goodwill.


I love these little notes, they are very useful and also make great stocking stuffers or part of a gift bag/basket. Great deal on a brand new pack of notes!


Here is a Franklin Covey planner in pretty good shape. Slap an updated calendar in there and voila! You have a nice planner!







Keep in mind not all the things they have are the best price. These are your basic shoe boxes which you can find at Dollar Tree. They are $1.99 here. Twice as expensive!


June “No Spending” Challenge

After May madness of spending way too much money on makeup…which did not go unnoticed by the husband, I made a commitment to not spend any money on makeup, or any unnecessary items for that matter, for the entire month of June.

I figured getting things for free was still perfectly okay though! I stopped by Ulta before going to Costco today to grab some free stuff. (Costco is near Ulta so I wasn’t even wasting gas to go there!)