Learning Style

Watching my girl at gymnastics the other day, the thought hit me that she will probably be a lot like me.

IMG_4168 She has energy like no one I’ve ever met. And I have a 3 year old boy so I know what a lot of energy looks like. She has more. I think I probably did too at that age. Girls don’t have ADD, or so popular culture thinks. But I do. And she might. And thats okay. My road was a treacherous¬†one. I felt stupid, shamed, alone. I never want her to feel like that.

Okay, probably getting off topic here. My point is this, she’s a mover, a shaker. And in my adult life I have discovered that I think A WHOLE LOT more clearly when I’m active. When I discovered running I felt a sense of clarity in my mind that I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced before.

So I want to tell my future self this, let her run. Make her run. Quiz her on test subjects while she is running. Get outside. Go for a bike ride. Do whatever it takes. But I promise you she will do better if she is moving. Make her run around the block then come and sit down for homework.

I’m writing this so I don’t forget what it was like to be that age and struggle so much just to remember a single line from a textbook.