I’ve decided to jump in head first and do Vlogust over on YouTube. April and August are two of the common months where vloggers record and upload videos every day. Some videos will suck, of course, but hopefully the majority of them will be fun to watch.

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So You Think You Can Dance: Top 20

I am so ready to start watching another fantastic SYTYCD season! Big hopes for an amazing Season 11! I don’t watch every year and I don’t know why, this is one of my all time favorite shows. This year I’m hoping to catch every episode.

The show always opens with Cat Deeley, whom I just adore. I adore her accent, I adore her style and her hair. I just love her. Last night she had her hair in a bit of a messy do which of course looks fabulous.

So let’s start with the opening group routine. I knew almost immediately it was the work of Sonya Tayeh. She has a very unique style which I notice immediately. I’m not the biggest fan of her style but I respect her tremendous work. Her style is contemporary and her work always seems so dark.

Then the Top 20 performances started…
Brooklyn & Serge (Choreographer: Dmitry)
The first dance by Brooklyn and Serge was tremondous. I remember when choreographey Dmitry was a contestant. He’s hot, not gonna lie. I love his style of dancing. Very sexy and I would say crisp. I’m not a dancer so I don’t know how to describe it other then that. I would describe it as even, dare I say, bold! Apparently this was Dmitry’s first routine, well done Dmitry!

Emily & Casey (Choreographer: Travis Wall)
This dance was lovely, I love Travis wall. I remember his season as well! His style is very unique. I never knew I would like contemporary dancing until I saw Travis dancing back in the day. Total secret crush on him! Sadly, I predict an early departure for Casey. I didn’t connect with him and I don’t think he’s memorable enough to get tons of votes. I hope I’m wrong! I never like to see the dancers go but this IS a show/competition and people must leave eventually!

Valerie & Zack (Choreographer: Anthony Morigerato)
Of course Nigel loved this tap routine. I enjoyed it as well as it had a modern take. Perhaps maybe even a little jazzy? It was great fun to watch and I’m sure it took mad talent to perform.

Bridget & Stanley (choreogrpaher: Bonnie Story)
Not a huge fan of contemporary dances. I always want dance to be fast and fun and contemporary just doesn’t excite me. The dance did remind me a bit of Mia Michaels. It had some very cool moves. This couple seems like early favorites as well.

Jacque & Jourdan (Choreographer: Marat Daukayev)
Ballet, oh ballet, how I wish I loved you. I do not. At least not traditional ballet. I like it with a more modern twist. I don’t know ballet at all but it looked like they really botched that number. Maybe they didn’t, but it looked like it to me. i don’ think the audience will connect with ballerinas so i hope they get some more popular routines next week. When the judges started talking, I suspected I was right about them screwing up the number since they didn’t have very many positive things to say.

Celebrity Performance: I really was getting to like Jason Derulo as a judge, until he got up on stage. WHAT was he wearing?! The most impressive thing he did was flipping over that bar in the beginning of the song. That was pretty much it for me. It was a bit funny to see snoop dog on the program, seemed out of place though.

Marlene & Marcquet (Choreographer: Louis Van Amstel)
Okay, maybe my favorite dance of the night. Marcquet was my favorite going into the show last night and still is! They did the samba and the dance was powerful, fun, & fast! Just the way I like it!

Carly & Rudy (Choreographer: Stacey Tookey)
Ehhhhhh, so so for me. Again, not a fan of contemporary. They did pick up the pace at the end which was better then some. I just don’t connect with these dances.

Emilio & Teddy (Choreographer: Christopher Scott)
This was a really fun dance with the two guys. Wearing uniforms and performing a bit of a sketch, Emilio had some amazing flips. I’ve seen Chris Scott’s work before and loved it, so this didn’t surprise me.

Jessica & Ricky (Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh)
Another Sonya Tayeh routine (big sigh). That’s all I’m going to say.

Nick & Tanisha (Choreographer: Louis Van Amstel)
I forgot about Tanisha! I like her. She was the contestant who mentioned she has 11 siblings. That’s a whole lot of kids. This routine was the cha-cha. Super fun. Very classic Louis. Nick was able to get the crowd reved up from the beginning! Can I just mention how flexible Tanisha is? Um yeah.

So overall I think it was a really good mix of things. Should be a great season. Nigel mentioned this group being the best ever in SYTYCD history. I don’t know that’d I would go that far. We shall see.

Facebook Absence

Today is May 1 which means that I can go back onto Facebook. On April 2 I got the idea from a friend to take an absence from Facebook. Since April had only just started I decided there was no better time than the present.

I have ADD and ever since computers entered my life I have had the ability to spend a monumental amount of hours engrossed in every time suck you can find. Facebook was my number 1 time suck. Not only that, but I feel that sometimes it made me feel worse about life in general. When I returned home on April 2 I took a long look at my Facebook news feed and quickly realized there was not a darn thing on there that I needed to see. It was all just crap.

In the past I have deactivated my Facebook account for small periods of time. Each time I did so I would receive an onslaught of emails from friends wondering what was wrong! I decided that I wanted to leave my account as is to avoid getting any attention from my withdrawal from the social network. Luckily my husband works from home. I quickly took my laptop over to him and asked him to change my password. He is like a rock and I knew that he wouldn’t give up the password easily in the event I got desperate and pleaded with him to let me just take a peek!

It’s amazing how ingrained Facebook was in my head. I deleted the app from my iPhone and iPad but still found myself looking for the little icon each morning! Even without thinking I would go onto Facebook to just “check-in” or whatever. It was actually a pretty long month. Around the 3 week mark I really found myself craving that Facebook addiction, even aching to know what was going on in my friends lives.

Today, May 1 I will go back onto Facebook. I do hope, however, that this absence has allowed me to create a balance with Facebook so I can check it from time to time but not spend hours on it each and every day.