potty training sucks.

Potty training twins. It’s not for the faint of heart. There were will be tears and occasionally the kids will cry too. Whatever preconceived notion you have of how it will go? Throw it out the door right now. I’m serious. Like open your front door and throw imaginary ideas out of it and slam it shut. They have no place in the potty training business. Your child (or children as the case may be) is going to go thru the process as best they know how. They aren’t reading any step-by-step manuals. They are simply doing what feels right and comfortable to them.

That said…this process is going to suck. A lot. When I finally got pregnant most of my friends already had an infant or toddler so when we finally reached the potty training, there was so much advice. These moms sounded so matter of fact about it all. Like, you do this, then this and then that and all will be well.

Well, all WASN’T and ISN’T well. I’m not writing this to give anyone advice. I seriously don’t have any. Just want to let you know that if you are miserable and hating life and gagging everytime you have to clean up another poopy underwear, well…you are not alone.

I don’t know how fair it is to my children to be specific so I’m not going to specify what child is doing what. Child A is potty trained. It wasn’t an easy start or middle. But at least it had an end. They are doing great. No accidents. Well, there was one but it was a fluke and I think they were testing me because their sibling was already having so many. They are acting their age. They are potty trained. Halle-freakin-lujah.

Child B is defying all logic. All normal assumptions about the potty training process. I want to pull my hair out each and every day. Seriously the only thing that’s keeping me from totally losing it is the thought that all kids are potty trained before high school. Because seriously, it may take us that long. It already feels that long. If there is an issue to be addressed with potty training, we are dealing with it. And I hate it. I don’t hate my child, lets be clear about this. What I hate is that they are going thru something seemingly traumatic and I have no idea how to help them. I’m reading books, articles, reaching out to friends for advice and nothing, nada. We are making no progress. In fact, our lack of progress has actually caused us to regress. Which totally and completely sucks. Seriously though, there IS a limit to how many poopy pairs of underwear I can clean up in a day. That limit was reached…many times.

I’m writing this in hopes that I will have some progress, some happy news to report back SOON. Like this summer soon, not this year soon, but if we can have happy news to report in the year 2015 I’ll call that a win.



Toddlerisms: Fog

This morning, as I was leaving to take the kids to preschool, I was talking with my husband about the weather. He mentioned the fog which we have been noticing a lot lately since its been absent in our area for the past two years.

As we were driving away from the house, looking out into the fog, my daughter says:


Beginning letters: T and L

My twins are going to be 3.5 in the blink of an eye. They start preschool in meer weeks! And yet I have no idea how well they know their letters or if they can write them at all! They both love singing the alphabet song but whether or not they can recognize the letter on paper I don’t know.

I went to Lakeshore Learning the other day and picked up some preschool workbooks for them. One of the books I got is aimed at ages 2-3 so I decided to start there. What I love about that book is it doesn’t just start with A. It starts with showing kids drawing lines top to bottom and left to right. Then it has them work on the letter T and the letter L. This would seem to be a natural progression.

It’s very different where my kids are at. I don’t like to compare my kids but it’s interesting to see what level they are at.

My son is pretty heavy handed with the crayon.




I should mention that I did try to help them with the first few letters.20140711-122543-44743106.jpg

My daughter has a softer touch.20140711-122544-44744572.jpg


I’m hoping to see much quicker improvement when they start preschool!

No mess fingerpainting FTW!

File this one under the mommy category more so than the organizing category but I wanted to share it none the less.

I’ll admit it. I hate cleaning up my children’s messes. Due to this, I don’t let them do things that easily create large messes. Fingerpainting being at the very top of that list.

Fingerpainting IS by definition, a messy activity. Call me a horrible mother if you want but I never had any desire to let my children go to town with paints that would most definitely, end up EV-ERY-WHERE.

It was probably about a year ago that I saw this idea on Pinterest but never went thru with putting it together.

Tonight in a random act of creativity and productivity, I put it all together!

I had all the supplies:

-baking sheet (Dollar Store)
-large plastic bags (Dollar Store)
-packing tape
-Crayola finger paints


You simply squeeze a generous amount of paint into a large plastic bag. I didn’t have ziplock bags so I was extra careful when taping them down. If your kids are old enough let them select which colors they want.

I did red, blue and yellow in each bag. I folded over the ends and taped those. Then I taped the bag to the cookie sheet. Voila! Done-zo!