ADHD and Organization

I’m 33 and am only now finally getting a handle on how to keep myself organized. Am I perfect at it? Not even close. In fact the other day I bounced a check and paid a $35 returned check fee. Yikes. But I’m getting better and better and each time I make an error like that I have the space in my life to fix it so that I don’t allow that to happen again. In fact, I’d like to talk about this “space” concept in more depth.

Feeling inadequate in any area of your life can lead you to buy things to fill that void. Boy oh boy did I do that. For years I pressured my husband to buy a bigger house because surely, not having enough storage space in our 1300sqft home was our biggest problem. Not the fact that we were storing all kinds of stuff we didn’t need.

I wish I had a better sense of the timeline of my decluttering process but if I had to guess I’d say I started about a year ago. Once my twins were 3, and in preschool two days a week, I had some more time to reflect on my home and really got cracking on making it into a livable home for my family.

If my experience can help anybody struggling with ADHD in keeping their home clean or their life more streamlined then sharing my story will be worth it. For so long I have held the ADHD badge in shame. No longer.


Love me some Sephora!

I’ve been holding out for this Urban Decay Naked 3 palatte. Thought I might get it for Christmas. When I didn’t I thought heck with it, I’m going to buy it for myself! Did get some money for Christmas so I splurged and treated myself to a few beauty items I’ve had my eye on.

Urthbox: June Review

Not too long ago I found a Groupon deal (or maybe Living Social, can’t remember) for a 3 month subscription to Urthbox. It’s a monthly subscription service that provides a generous amount of snacks that can be customized to a certain degree for your liking. I believe they offer gluten free, vegan, etc. I signed up for the normal, healthy snacks, box.

*Major disclaimer here…this box is wicked expensive. $34 a month for snacks. I would not ever pay that much for a single box of snacks every month. But with the deal it wasn’t too costly so I decided to try it out.

Some of the snacks were great, some weren’t so great but they are all healthy and thats what we were aiming for. It was great fun to try out new things we’ve never seen before. There was one snack that I ate immediately, it was seasoned nori…seaweed. SO tasty!


Verdict: If you find a deal for it, give it a go. Otherwise I’d just go to Whole Foods and pick out snacks you know you will like.

Honey I Organized!

My husband mentioned to me the other day that our kitchen supplies seemed to be in the wrong drawers. The stuff we used when cooking wasn’t located next to the oven and the prep stuff wasn’t under the main counter.


After I put the kids to bed I came out and he had completed our mini organization project!

Now all our cooking tools are in the drawers next to the oven and the stuff we use to prep dishes are underneath our main counter surface.

I wanted to post this picture because it illustrates the importance of organizing our kitchen drawers in a useful way. In my kitchen we only have 4 usable top drawers. We have one funky drawer thats really hard to open so I’m not counting that one. There is limited space so I try to make sure each item in there is something I use on a frequent basis.

There are so many boxes of aluminum foil, wax paper, parchment paper that we all keep. I make sure to only keep the three I use most frequently at my fingertips. I keep an organizer rack in my pantry that holds whatever else I use. It looks similar to this.

Everything in this drawer are things we use on a frequent basis. Even the airborne tablets we use frequently. As a mom of two toddlers I don’t have a whole lot of time to be sick so each time I feel a hint of anything I take an airborne. Its saved me countless times.

In a small kitchen, these drawers are prime real estate and I make sure they are used wisely!

Back on the (painful) bandwagon

I’m trying to get back on the bandwagon, so to speak. I’ve really fallen behind in my running and my strength training. My friend and now trainer has established a group training that meets Mondays and Thursdays and I am going to do my best to make it every week. We worked out this morning, 5 people in our group and I am the youngest. I thought it would be embarrassing but its actually not, I don’t really care. I am so out of shape, thats embarrassing enough.

My trainer had us do this one thing in the circuit training that is really a mind over matter thing for me. Those stool things that you need to jump on with both feet…they have them on the Biggest Loser all the time. I was using the lowest one. SO scary! But I did it! Four sets of 12. Still very proud of myself, and kinda amazed I didn’t fall flat on my face during the last set when my legs were exhausted!

The gym has this wall of motivational words and sayings. I kept looking at this particular sign when I was working out.

My motto for the day…