Back on the (painful) bandwagon

I’m trying to get back on the bandwagon, so to speak. I’ve really fallen behind in my running and my strength training. My friend and now trainer has established a group training that meets Mondays and Thursdays and I am going to do my best to make it every week. We worked out this morning, 5 people in our group and I am the youngest. I thought it would be embarrassing but its actually not, I don’t really care. I am so out of shape, thats embarrassing enough.

My trainer had us do this one thing in the circuit training that is really a mind over matter thing for me. Those stool things that you need to jump on with both feet…they have them on the Biggest Loser all the time. I was using the lowest one. SO scary! But I did it! Four sets of 12. Still very proud of myself, and kinda amazed I didn’t fall flat on my face during the last set when my legs were exhausted!

The gym has this wall of motivational words and sayings. I kept looking at this particular sign when I was working out.

My motto for the day…



W6D1…and other things!

I’M BACK!!! Haha

Nothing like a sore throat/cold to take you DOWN! I’ve spent the last 2-3 weeks sleeping and generally being sick whilst taking care of two youngsters that would much prefer to be out of the house than stuck at home with a sick mama.

I’ve felt better since Thursday or Friday but didn’t want to rush into working out and get sick all over again. (It’s happened before!) Turns out I don’t do sickness well. My kids watched significantly more Curious George then I am comfortable with but whatcha gonna do? So now I feel almost 100% and am actually excited to get back to running. Okay, I’m also excited about the 1-2 hours of kid-free time each morning. I’ll admit it.

I didn’t post about it because I was already feeling super lousy but I did make it to Boot Camp on September 11th. I remember it was 9/11 because when our group got out to the amphitheater to workout there was a gentleman on the balcony of a building nearby playing Taps. Incredibly moving. I think he played it at the times each plane hit a tower. When he played the second time all of us stopped and just listened. A moment I won’t soon forget. It made it surreal because at 9am this area is deserted. Only some store employees arriving for work and our group were there to hear it. Saddened me that there weren’t more people there to hear it.

In between the time I last ran and now, the temperatures here have cooled significantly. Instead of being almost hot at 9am its actually pretty chilly. I didn’t know if I would need a jacket even! It was a grey morning. Felt like it might start raining. There was a strong breeze. It was so pleasant to run with the breeze, kept me from sweating heavily and actually feeling refreshed.

About 3/4 way into the workout a friend of mine joined me around the “track” and I discovered talking while running is not something I am good at. I’m a big talker and my friend did significantly more talking then me, simply because I couldn’t barely breath while talking!

My 5k run is this Saturday and I’m not done with the program. But I do plan to finish the program, and perhaps run another 5k after that. I’m just so glad to not be sick anymore and have some energy back!

Boot Camp Day 6

I hit a wall this week. I initially thought I had just overdone myself last week and this week my body was paying the price. Now I realize my body was fighting something because here I am in bed with a sore throat, running nose, and hoarse voice. Lovely. No running this week. No Week 6 happened at all. Monday’s Boot Camp happened then Tuesday I was so so so tired I didn’t do anything. Wednesday came and I realized I had a sick child, thus no boot camp for me.

Finally Friday arrived and I had extra help with the kids so I was able to just jet off to the gym in the morning by myself and participate in boot camp (oh yay). It wasn’t that bad, it was arms which is significantly easier for me than core or cardio even. I think it was after that, pushing my body beyond what it wanted to do, that the sickness finally overcame me and I rapidly lost my voice and felt the sore throat come on full force. Ugh, just what I wanted for my three day weekend!

I hope Monday finds me healthy and energized!

Boot Camp Day 4

Boot camp today was interesting. It almost felt like I was in junior high again and we had a sub. The assistant who was supposed to do the workout today wasn’t there. So the fitness director had a DIY workout that let her just walk around and supervise. It started with one lap around the track I normally run. Learned today that it is 0.68 miles. Then after the lap we dispersed into three different “stations”. One was core, one was arms and the third was legs. We then had to do another lap around the track between each station.

I started with the core. Very quickly I realized that I pulled a muscle in my lower stomach, very lower stomach. In fact, right near the scar from my c-section incision. I was able to do the crunches and side crunches but the V-lifts and other exercises I just simply couldn’t do. Even the fitness director came over and said stop when I did the first V-lift. She said she could see right away that I was showing the pain of a pulled muscle on my face. Hopefully it won’t hurt for very long.

The leg station sucked, my calves have never burned so much. I hate to admit it but I kinda like the arm station. I enjoy seeing my muscles pop out 🙂

Here is where the workout really sucked. The run. The very first lap around I was quickly outpaced by all the other women. I accepted this since I was definitely trying to pace myself. On the second run and third run I couldn’t run the whole thing like I did the first lap. I walked some on the second lap and walked most of it on the third lap. I was, of course, the last one of our group to get back to the station. I want so badly to be able to run a long distance. Every day that I run and see that I can’t run a long distance I get so down on myself. Am I not trying hard enough or am I really just not capable of this?