Guest Bath Update

Over the Fourth of July weekend we made a trip to our local Target to pick up some much needed things. We happened by the wall decor section and I saw this beauty.

Instantly I pictured it over the toilet in our kids/guest bathroom. After living in this house 5 years, we had never been able to find the right shelving for that spot. By now I have memorized the ideal width of a shelf for that space (18″). The width of this piece? 19″! It was perfect!

Of course we couldn’t wait any longer and had it hung and decorated that same evening!


I’m really excited about how it turned out. It isn’t giving us a ton of extra storage but that is just fine. Our goal is to minimize, not just create space to stash more stuff.


Erin Condren Review

After a year and a half without an Erin Condren Life Planner (ECLP for short), I gave into temptation and purchased the newest edition that was released on June 12th. The demand for these is through the roof right now. People who waited just a few days to order are finding they have to wait weeks just to see their ECLP status move to “printing”! This makes me super glad I ordered on June 12th. I had been using a Filofax but quite frankly it just wasn’t working for me. I really enjoyed using my Erin Condren in 2013 and with the adjustments the company has made, I thought it was worthwhile to try it again.

I filmed an unboxing video when I received it, which you can watch HERE.20140626-072632-26792873.jpg

I’ve finally put all the parts into place, in just the way I like them and I wanted to post a nice long detailed review.


I went all out this time for the Foil Platinum planner. It comes with this pretty little elastic band to keep the planner together. I’m glad it comes automatically with the foil planners because I wasn’t about to shell out $6.95 for a set of 3 of these.


Each planner comes with a pouch in the back. Erin Condren Design claims you can easily move the pouch to the front by removing the front and back covers and moving it to the front. I did not find this to be the case. Instead I took the cover from my old planner, cut each hole and placed it in my new planner. I think if I tugged at it hard enough, it would probably come out pretty easily but otherwise it works well. I also plan to make use of the ruler from my old ECLP in some way.


The foil planners come with this first velum fly leaf page with the metallic party pops. It’s so simple but I just love this addition!


This is the very first week in the planner. I’m a minimalist when it comes to my planner although I did decorate a bit for the Fourth of July.


Since this weekly spread was already scribbled on, I wanted to show an untouched weekly spread.


Also, here is an untouched monthly spread. Honestly, I very rarely use these spreads, I’m trying to think of a way to make better use of them! Perhaps I’ll utilize it for my workouts, etc.




One of the additions EC made that I’m really excited about, is putting a tab on the Notes section. Last time I had to make my own with post-it flags. I am using this section for bill pay records, FlyLady schedules and other things.


The Keep It Together pocket was improved upon also, they increased the height of the side that attaches to the coil to keep the pocket intact longer.


Of course, here, at the end is the plastic pouch thats included with the planner. I plan to take these stickers out and use it for miscellaneous notes and business cards.


I discovered thru an Erin Condren group on Facebook that Target carries a Merona purse that will hold the ECLP perfectly! When I was in Target the other day I ended up picking it up in gray. You can find the purse HERE.

If you’d like to purchase a life planner, or anything else from Erin Condren, use THIS link and get $10 off.

Goodwill Goods: June Edition

Depending on where you live or what kind of Goodwill you have, you can find some real hits or some seriously real misses. The Goodwill we have locally can have a lot of both.

Last time I went I didn’t end up buying anything but did find some things they would be very useful for organizing!


Plastic pencil boxes galore! But don’t think of them only as boxes. You can beak them apart and use both the top and bottom as containers in a drawer to separate items such as makeup.


Something I think is often overlooked are Staples binders. I think they are great but are pretty pricey usually. You can usually always find at least one at a Goodwill.


I love these little notes, they are very useful and also make great stocking stuffers or part of a gift bag/basket. Great deal on a brand new pack of notes!


Here is a Franklin Covey planner in pretty good shape. Slap an updated calendar in there and voila! You have a nice planner!







Keep in mind not all the things they have are the best price. These are your basic shoe boxes which you can find at Dollar Tree. They are $1.99 here. Twice as expensive!


No mess fingerpainting FTW!

File this one under the mommy category more so than the organizing category but I wanted to share it none the less.

I’ll admit it. I hate cleaning up my children’s messes. Due to this, I don’t let them do things that easily create large messes. Fingerpainting being at the very top of that list.

Fingerpainting IS by definition, a messy activity. Call me a horrible mother if you want but I never had any desire to let my children go to town with paints that would most definitely, end up EV-ERY-WHERE.

It was probably about a year ago that I saw this idea on Pinterest but never went thru with putting it together.

Tonight in a random act of creativity and productivity, I put it all together!

I had all the supplies:

-baking sheet (Dollar Store)
-large plastic bags (Dollar Store)
-packing tape
-Crayola finger paints


You simply squeeze a generous amount of paint into a large plastic bag. I didn’t have ziplock bags so I was extra careful when taping them down. If your kids are old enough let them select which colors they want.

I did red, blue and yellow in each bag. I folded over the ends and taped those. Then I taped the bag to the cookie sheet. Voila! Done-zo!