M.A.C. Haul: Summer 2014

So I’ve been wanting to buy MAC products for quite awhile now. MAC is considered by some to be the best line in the business but of course it comes with a pretty high price tag. I have done a whole lot of research and decided to finally treat myself to a mini MAC haul.

I let the MAC salesgirl pretty much recommend whichever products she felt would work best for me since this was my first MAC purchase. I wanted a foundation at the very least and after describing my skin type and preference for coverage (dry/minimal coverage), she recommended the newer Prep+Prime BB line. She let me try it on and a was very happy with how it looked on. She matched me with the shade “light plus” but also recommended with any of the other foundation products I would want to go with an NW (15 or 20). I also learned NW stands for neutral to warm! I am really excited to try this product.20140711-230731-83251346.jpg

I also wanted a setting/finishing powder to try. I’ve never used these before but she used it on my face after the foundation and since it didn’t look cakey or anything, I thought it was worth trying out.

20140711-230743-83263922.jpgThis is the mineral Skinfinish Natural, also in “light plus”.

No makeup haul is complete without trying out a new concealer. I knew I wanted to buy a MAC concealer as I have had so much trouble with breakouts lately. Although I think this is a highlighting concealer rather then a minimizing concealer. I’ll give it a shot and find out. I might have to go back for another concealer down the road.


I mentioned to the girl that I wanted to try some eyeshadows too. I thought I would start with a quad. I happened to be at the Nordstrom MAC counter and Nordstrom is having their annual sale right now so she recommended I try this product. It gives you 6 eyeshadows, a blush, bronzer and two lip colors for the same cost. I figure if I really like these naturals I will go back and try out more colors.20140711-230719-83239068.jpg

When I’m spending this much money on makeup I try to get as many samples as I can without hassling or begging.

She gave me a sample of the StudioSculpt in NW15. She mentioned if this doesn’t work I can come back for NW13.


I’m really excited about trying all these products and hopefully coming out with some new favorites. I’m running out of my favorite foundation (Benefit) and I wanted to find something that would be a really good match to my skin. I think I’ve done that.


HauteLook Beauty Bag

Purchased the Nordstrom Beauty Bag from HauteLook this morning. I was so excited to get one. They sold 40,000 in ten minutes apparently. In fact it’s already been removed since it’s sold out.


I hope to review the products when they arrive.

Nails: Dining Al Frisco

There really isn’t a point to me painting my nails and posting about it other than that I want to share it. Painting my nails is never something I’ve been good at but I’m hoping to get better at it. Plus, with so many fabulous nail colors out there, how can I resist!

The last polish was looking a bit sad so I removed it and got out OPI’s Dining Al Frisco. Such a fun, electric blue. In fact, I went tonight to Target to pick up a top coat. I am so happy to see that Target now carries an OPI line (Nicole by OPI). I originally picked up the Dining Al Frisco color at Ulta because Organized Like Jen had reviewed it and really liked it.


I tried painting my left hand early in the day, while the kids were awake. The end result being all three of us having painted nails.


I didn’t get to paint my right hand until many hours later. Still total crap at painting my right hand. Maybe after a few weeks of doing this I’ll improve some.

20140705-213751-77871808.jpgEven my left hand is pretty crappy. My cuticules are getting lots better but still have a bit of healing to do. I worked more on removing the excess paint before calling it a day. I put the top coat on too soon. I should have done a second coat on some of the nails.

Lots of learning to do when it comes to painting my nails but at least I’m having fun!


Exploring Nail Polish

This is actually a pretty embarrassing post for me. I hate my hands. I’ve always thought I had a bit of man hands. My hands look very similar to that of my fathers, short and fat. My brother got my mothers gorgeous long and slender fingers. Lucky.

Usually I do fake acrylic nails because I have a nasty habit of biting my nails but they don’t work so well with kiddos. I do love all the OPI nail colors out these days so I’m giving painted nails a try for the first time in years, maybe even decades.

Is anyone else total crap at painting their nails? No, just me then? Got it.


I’m hoping that by paying a little more attention to my nails, I might actually improve the look of them over time. At the top of this bookshelf I have discovered a tin of Burt’s Bees cuticle cream and put that on as well. My cuticles could use some serious work.

Maybe my next months polish will be improved and my nails will be longer.

Polish: OPI Where Did Suzi’s Man-go?