Mirror Mirror

This post is a shout out to This Modern Wife 🙂

As I posted about 6 months ago, this past January I went to Palo Alto for a book signing with John & Sherry Petersik of Young House Love. Suffice it to say they are my favorite bloggers out there. The book signing was hosted by West Elm Palo Alto and I just think they did a fabulous job that day. While we waited in line we were served appetizers and even mini chocolate shakes. I remember one woman even went down the line and told us all to remember to fill out a raffle entry since they were raffling off a mirror signed by John & Sherry. Pretty darn cool.

Fast forward to many hours later. We had driven the long (3 hours) drive back home with the kids. I’m not kidding you, 10 seconds after we walked in the door the phone rings. Its West Elm Palo Alto. I won the raffle. I was in complete shock. I don’t win things. Ever. The guy on the phone was super sweet. I was so bummed that we had already gotten the whole way home, how was I going to get the mirror? Did they expect me to pay for shipping? Maybe they should just pull another name? He explained that they would definitely ship it to me no charge. I had put all my information on the form at the store so they already had my address.

A few weeks later this beauty arrived at my doorstep!


Excuse my horrible photography. This gorgeous thing is heavy! I still have no idea where to put it…6 months later. It’s been sitting in the corner of my bedroom collecting dust. With little kids the worry of heavy things falling on them is epic and so deciding a nice place to put this where the kids can’t mess with it is a challenging one.


I attempted to get a good picture of the signature. I will have the hubby get a much better one before we erase it. I love John and Sherry but I don’t really think I need to keep a shrine to them in my house for the rest of my life. 😉 Oh and here’s the kicker. They signed it upside down. So if I hang it, their signature will be upside down.



Here’s the best picture I could get. I said what the hell and took one with my legs in it. At least my legs are the skinniest part of my body.