Running Rut

I’m in a running rut. Anyone out there have some inspiration for me?! 😀



Wow its taken me a long time to get to W6D2. I’ve already completed my 5k and I’m not even at week 7. The super nice thing about today was I didn’t have to quit, I completed both 10 minute running intervals!

There is the option to either run for time or for distance. I tried running for distance before and it just didn’t happen. So I gave myself a break this time and ran for time. So two 10 minute running intervals with one 3 minute walk in between. It was so nice to be running again.

I kinda got in the zone for the second interval and started thinking about a lot of different things. Took my mind off of how far I needed to go and just concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other. I love how running seems to grease the gears of my brain if that makes sense. My thoughts are so much clearer when I run.

Going to try and get the kids up and out early tomorrow so I can get a run in before our play date at 10am.

I had another thought today when I was getting the kids back in the car after my run. It takes an awful lot of work to just “go for a run”. Its not simply getting dressed and heading out the door. I must be really motivated to do this because if I had an doubts what so ever, I think giving in would be easy.

W6D1…and other things!

I’M BACK!!! Haha

Nothing like a sore throat/cold to take you DOWN! I’ve spent the last 2-3 weeks sleeping and generally being sick whilst taking care of two youngsters that would much prefer to be out of the house than stuck at home with a sick mama.

I’ve felt better since Thursday or Friday but didn’t want to rush into working out and get sick all over again. (It’s happened before!) Turns out I don’t do sickness well. My kids watched significantly more Curious George then I am comfortable with but whatcha gonna do? So now I feel almost 100% and am actually excited to get back to running. Okay, I’m also excited about the 1-2 hours of kid-free time each morning. I’ll admit it.

I didn’t post about it because I was already feeling super lousy but I did make it to Boot Camp on September 11th. I remember it was 9/11 because when our group got out to the amphitheater to workout there was a gentleman on the balcony of a building nearby playing Taps. Incredibly moving. I think he played it at the times each plane hit a tower. When he played the second time all of us stopped and just listened. A moment I won’t soon forget. It made it surreal because at 9am this area is deserted. Only some store employees arriving for work and our group were there to hear it. Saddened me that there weren’t more people there to hear it.

In between the time I last ran and now, the temperatures here have cooled significantly. Instead of being almost hot at 9am its actually pretty chilly. I didn’t know if I would need a jacket even! It was a grey morning. Felt like it might start raining. There was a strong breeze. It was so pleasant to run with the breeze, kept me from sweating heavily and actually feeling refreshed.

About 3/4 way into the workout a friend of mine joined me around the “track” and I discovered talking while running is not something I am good at. I’m a big talker and my friend did significantly more talking then me, simply because I couldn’t barely breath while talking!

My 5k run is this Saturday and I’m not done with the program. But I do plan to finish the program, and perhaps run another 5k after that. I’m just so glad to not be sick anymore and have some energy back!

W5D3…not really

I completed Week 5 today, well, not really. What I did do was get out of the house and go for a run. I did not actually run the two straight miles the program asked me to. I have been thinking about this run since I saw what was next on Thursday. Even my husband asked me why the program had me go from running 3/4 mile to 2 straight miles. I did not have an answer for him.

Today was cooler then usual so I figured I could just run around the neighborhood instead of driving all the way to the gym. The run around here is a lot hillier and harder then the run at the gym so its not exactly “taking it easy” when I decide to run at home. Towards the end of the 5 minute warm up is a steep hill and after that my legs are usually like “really, you want me to run after this??” So two whole miles didn’t seem very possible.

I started out and felt good for a little while but the burning quickly ensued and I had to keep telling myself, just a little farther, just a little farther. Unfortunately I don’t know how far into the run I was when I gave up. I think I had gone about a mile, if I’m lucky. I walked a little (maybe 30 seconds) and tried to run again. I maybe ran a minute or two more then walked the rest of the way home. My legs felt so heavy and I was pouring sweat. I don’t even think I made it to the end of the two miles for running. My total distance today was 2.28 miles which should be more like 2.5 if you include the distance from the warm-up and cool-down. Maybe I’ll be ready next time I need to run 2+ miles straight. Maybe.


Yup, I looked like a hot mess at the end of my run.

Boot Camp Day 3

Today I successfully completed Week 1 of Boot Camp. It’s sort of weird. During boot camp I am miserable, I am breathing hard, ready to fall over and/or pass out. Once its over, I feel like I didn’t work out in the first place. For example, after my runs, the workout stays with me. I feel that I put my body and mind thru something and feel better for it. At the end of boot camp, once I’ve caught my breath and had some water, I’m not sore or tired out at all. Of course the soreness comes in time but there is almost no effects immediately. Is that normal for a strength training type workout?

Every day thus far there has been a different assistant/leader. The fitness director of the gym is there every time and every time she says “Sally” or “Jim” is going to lead the workout that day. On Monday and Wednesday however, the workouts were led by her, unquestionably, but today the assistant was finally the one who led the workout. I just thought that was kinda funny. I just thought maybe she was super controlling but today not at all.

The assistant who led today also happens to teach some yoga classes so at the end we did some nice yoga stretches. Those felt really good and of course any thing we do where we can stand still is a win in my book. She also let us take our water bottles around the track with us which was awesome. Whenever I have to leave my water bottle behind I think I am going to die!

Friday’s, we have been told, will be concentrated to one part of the body. Today it was legs. Lots of quad work. There were some exercises that I was doing totally half-assed so I didn’t feel the stretch anywhere but I wasn’t about to complain! 🙂 At the end we did calf stretches. That is not a muscle we use on a regular basis so when you work it you really really feel it.

It was still really cool out this morning when we were working out and there was a nice breeze. It was super funny, during the end of the workout I kept hoping one of the ladies from the play center would come out and grab me to go change a diaper. I have never wanted to change a poopy diaper so bad in my life!  Can’t blame me for leaving if I’m doing it to take care of my babies right?!

Tomorrow is supposed to be my first 2 mile straight run. No breaks. This will determine truly how far I’m come. Never in my life have I been able to run or even jog 2 miles straight. I almost want to reward myself with something. Probably won’t though. The reward is coming at the end of the 5k!