M.A.C. Haul: Summer 2014

So I’ve been wanting to buy MAC products for quite awhile now. MAC is considered by some to be the best line in the business but of course it comes with a pretty high price tag. I have done a whole lot of research and decided to finally treat myself to a mini MAC haul.

I let the MAC salesgirl pretty much recommend whichever products she felt would work best for me since this was my first MAC purchase. I wanted a foundation at the very least and after describing my skin type and preference for coverage (dry/minimal coverage), she recommended the newer Prep+Prime BB line. She let me try it on and a was very happy with how it looked on. She matched me with the shade “light plus” but also recommended with any of the other foundation products I would want to go with an NW (15 or 20). I also learned NW stands for neutral to warm! I am really excited to try this product.20140711-230731-83251346.jpg

I also wanted a setting/finishing powder to try. I’ve never used these before but she used it on my face after the foundation and since it didn’t look cakey or anything, I thought it was worth trying out.

20140711-230743-83263922.jpgThis is the mineral Skinfinish Natural, also in “light plus”.

No makeup haul is complete without trying out a new concealer. I knew I wanted to buy a MAC concealer as I have had so much trouble with breakouts lately. Although I think this is a highlighting concealer rather then a minimizing concealer. I’ll give it a shot and find out. I might have to go back for another concealer down the road.


I mentioned to the girl that I wanted to try some eyeshadows too. I thought I would start with a quad. I happened to be at the Nordstrom MAC counter and Nordstrom is having their annual sale right now so she recommended I try this product. It gives you 6 eyeshadows, a blush, bronzer and two lip colors for the same cost. I figure if I really like these naturals I will go back and try out more colors.20140711-230719-83239068.jpg

When I’m spending this much money on makeup I try to get as many samples as I can without hassling or begging.

She gave me a sample of the StudioSculpt in NW15. She mentioned if this doesn’t work I can come back for NW13.


I’m really excited about trying all these products and hopefully coming out with some new favorites. I’m running out of my favorite foundation (Benefit) and I wanted to find something that would be a really good match to my skin. I think I’ve done that.


Makeup Organization Station

Oh my goodness, it only took me 31…bordering on 32 years to become interested in makeup. Now, with a husband and two kids, I finally feel ready to really learn how to do makeup. I’ve put on eye shadow and mascara on special occasions for years but never really knew what I was doing. Now, with the help of lots of women on YouTube, I’m finally figuring it all out!

I’ve had little stock piles of makeup samples and makeup products in different places but now that I’m doing my makeup on a regular basis, I wanted to create a better “makeup center” if you will. I have this LACK wall shelf unit next to my bed. I cleared off the books on one shelf and moved them to another room. Voila! I had all the space I need.


Makeup Organization

I’m just starting out and don’t want to end up buying too many products too soon. Having a designated space for makeup allows me to really see how much storage space I have and keeps me from buying hoards of products.

Here is a better shot of the unit I purchased. I just popped into Home Goods on Saturday, looking for this exact type of unit. The drawers are just big enough to accommodate the products I use on a day to day basis. The container on top of the drawers was actually a different maker but fit perfectly on top of the drawers. I was super stoked about that. I used my clear label cartridge and printed off labels for each drawer. I put the drawers in the order that I use them when doing my makeup, FACE on top, then EYES and BROWS, and on the bottom I put LIPS.


The FACE drawer has my foundations, concealers, blushes and bronzers. I was able to fit a few sample creams and lotions in the drawer as well.



The EYES and BROWS drawer has my mascaras, eye liners, eye primers and brow pencils.



I have a TON of eyeshadows that I never use so I put them in a tupperware container in a drawer out of sight. Hopefully I can start using those as well.

In my LIP drawer, I have obviously lip glass, lipstick, chapstick, lip butters, etc.



This is a top view of the container I keep on top of the drawers. I decided to keep my Benefit compact/palatte thingy and my Naked Basics palatte on top since they would take up so much room in the drawer. I also have a few other items that I use on occasion, a Maybelline concealer and sponge applicator. Also I purchased the pointed q-tips from Ulta and placed those there.



I apply my makeup on top of my dresser so that’s where I am keeping the brushes. I got a mini caddy from the dollar section at Target awhile back and use that to keep the big brushes, small brushes and my hair brushes (in the back).



For a beginner I thought I was going crazy with the makeup but now looking at it all organized, it doesn’t seem that bad. I’ve seen some YouTube collection videos that are out of control! Having it all in clear drawers that I can easily pull out to see all my products will hopefully allow me to try all the things that I have!

Japonesque Makeup brushes and stuff

Making big strides in the makeup world! I have so much to learn, so I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube makeup guru videos to learn what products I need and such. Had a few things in mind so I drove over to Ulta to pick up some things. Mainly I needed new brushes. The ones I have are super old (and cheap) and the bristles were falling out all over the place.

After my purchase, I thought it would be fun to make a quick haul video in the car while I was alone. I had a lot of fun doing it, maybe I’ll make this a weekly thing!

I also got to try out a new brand of makeup (Japonesque), going to try and learn more about the brand and will report back.

Hope you enjoy the video, I’m new to this!!

Products purchased:

1. Japonesque Beautiful Eyes Touch Up Tube Set $16.50

2. Japonesque Dual Sided Brush 120

*Closest product I could find was #110 but I got #120 (Gift w/ purchase)

3. Almay Intense i-color Smokey-i $6.99

4. Almay Intense i-color Shimmer-i $6.99

5.Revlon Diamond Collection Eyelash curler $8.99

6. Style & Finish Texturizing Beach Spray $8.99

7. O.P.I. Nail Lacquer (Where did Suzi’s Man-go?) $9.00

8. Butter London Lippy Tinted Balm (Teddy Boy) $20.00

9. Japonesque Velvet Touch Blush (03) $22.00

10. Japonesque Velvet Touch Blush (05) $22.00

11. Japonesque Velvet Touch Concealer (01) $20.00

12. EOS lip balm (lemon drop) $3.49

13. Benefit Boi-ing & Eye Bright  $12.00