Window Upgrade

On Friday we ordered our new countertops. Only took us 4 years to get around to doing so! We realized shortly after we placed the order that if we wanted a clean looking finished product, we needed to make the improvements to the kitchen window that we’ve been wanting to do for quite awhile now.Image

This house was a foreclosure so we don’t know much about the previous owner but from what we can gather, he was a handyman or contractor and tried to do quite a few upgrades on this house. Most are upgrades gone wrong. The countertops are a disaster. Most of the grout is cracking and way he did the edging, well, its just a disaster.

He had created a window shelf if you will. The wood was warping and it just looked awful. I’ll try to find a before photo but it didn’t occur to me to post about this until after HH (handy hubby) had ripped out the wood. Quite honestly, we were just grateful not to find a bug infestation when we pulled back the wood.



It looked pretty awful but we knew it would all be hidden behind new wood trim.

Soon enough, new boards had been placed down.

I was blown away at how fast the trim went up.


The finished (for now) product!


It was important that we get this done before they come out to put in our new counters because when they do the tile backsplash, we wanted the tile to go all the way up to the window. You can see the crappy job that the previous owner did with the tile backsplash. Gag.

Just in case you are curious, here is what is left to be done:

-caulk holes and seams
-fill in gaps with wood slats
-decide on a window covering