Filofax Fun

Its possible I’m the last person on the face of the planet to utilize a paper planner. I’m a visual person and I prefer to see everything laid out in front of me at a quick glance. iCal just doesn’t do it for me.

I’ve been watching way to many YouTube videos about Filofaxes and I am ITCHING to buy one. But the cheapest one is like $35 and once you add in all the extras, I might as well buy another Erin Condren planner. But I really really do want to try out a Filofax, not to mention I could likely fit it in my purse.

ALSO, I discovered people on sell custom Filofax sheets, both printable and physical sheets that they mail to you. I’m still debating on that part of it. I’m pretty sure Filofax comes standard with a year calendar so I can always “upgrade” later.

What do you think of these beauties? 😉

Woodlands Personal Filofax

Flamingo Personal Filofax


These are the two I am currently deciding between. I’ve decided the “Personal” size is what I want. Large enough to contain everything but small enough that it will fit in my purse.

Also having a tough time deciding what inserts to buy in addition to the planner. They have inserts for credit cards and business cards and lined paper, etc.