Back on the (painful) bandwagon

I’m trying to get back on the bandwagon, so to speak. I’ve really fallen behind in my running and my strength training. My friend and now trainer has established a group training that meets Mondays and Thursdays and I am going to do my best to make it every week. We worked out this morning, 5 people in our group and I am the youngest. I thought it would be embarrassing but its actually not, I don’t really care. I am so out of shape, thats embarrassing enough.

My trainer had us do this one thing in the circuit training that is really a mind over matter thing for me. Those stool things that you need to jump on with both feet…they have them on the Biggest Loser all the time. I was using the lowest one. SO scary! But I did it! Four sets of 12. Still very proud of myself, and kinda amazed I didn’t fall flat on my face during the last set when my legs were exhausted!

The gym has this wall of motivational words and sayings. I kept looking at this particular sign when I was working out.

My motto for the day…




At my MoPs group this morning we had a mom speak about gratitude and general thankfulness. Coincidentally I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.

Not only have I been thinking more about the moments that usually pass me by, but I have been trying to make the most out of each day. Most Monday’s involve MoPs, then home for a nap (sometimes for both twin and I) then the rest of the day is usually wasted playing around the house or watching tv.

Cooper is totally obsessed with the gym playcenter…but he just calls it the gym. We haven’t gone in a few weeks due to travel and illness so he’s been asking just about every single day. After we got home, the kids had a bite to eat and we headed back out to the gym. I dressed to go running but the sunshine and clear water was calling my name! I have been so exhausted today but knowing my kids were in good hands and happy to be here allowed me to relax with style. Perhaps I should have removed my shoes đŸ™‚



The day was still so gorgeous so we stopped at our favorite neighborhood park on the way home. Swings or “wings” were a big hit!



The best part about the day was that I found multiple opportunities to stand back and soak in the amazing moments I’m having with my babies!

Every Excuse

I have every reason in the book not to go to the gym in the morning.

Yesterday morning getting the kids into the car was a hassle but getting them from the car to the front door of the gym was even more of a hassle. One kid needed to be held and the other refused to stand or hold my hand. I had their diaper bag and my gym bag. Half way one melted down and as I knelt down to deal with them I thought, screw it. I wanted to head back to the car and go home but I knew going home would result in me dealing with their boredom and fighting for another two hours.

So into the gym we went. I was shocked (and grateful) when they both walked excitedly into the play center and never looked back.

I changed into my running shoes and headed out for a run. I am not a fast runner and after about 30 seconds I could have stopped. I’m not cut out for this I tell myself, I’m not good enough.

The trip home is not any better. Meltdowns, screams, getting sidetracked are all part of the game. I tell myself, no one would blame me if I quit right here and now.

But I do it anyway.


Wow its taken me a long time to get to W6D2. I’ve already completed my 5k and I’m not even at week 7. The super nice thing about today was I didn’t have to quit, I completed both 10 minute running intervals!

There is the option to either run for time or for distance. I tried running for distance before and it just didn’t happen. So I gave myself a break this time and ran for time. So two 10 minute running intervals with one 3 minute walk in between. It was so nice to be running again.

I kinda got in the zone for the second interval and started thinking about a lot of different things. Took my mind off of how far I needed to go and just concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other. I love how running seems to grease the gears of my brain if that makes sense. My thoughts are so much clearer when I run.

Going to try and get the kids up and out early tomorrow so I can get a run in before our play date at 10am.

I had another thought today when I was getting the kids back in the car after my run. It takes an awful lot of work to just “go for a run”. Its not simply getting dressed and heading out the door. I must be really motivated to do this because if I had an doubts what so ever, I think giving in would be easy.

Boot Camp Day 1

I started a boot camp today. It’s MWF for 4 weeks. Luckily only an hour in length. I’m not sure I could do much more then that.

Each day will be a little different. I think on Fridays we concentrate on one part of the body. Today’s just to get us started we went thru this drill. My friend and I were the absolute last ones to finish. Sad. Some woman finished in less then 45 minutes but then they had to “run stairs”. That did not sound fun. So I’m glad we needed the whole hour to complete the workout. My arms hurt. A. Lot.

10x Sprints
20x Bicycle
30x Burpees
40x Lunges (each leg, so really 80)
50x Band rows
60x Dips
70x Incline push-ups
80x Straight leg sit ups
90x Squats
100x Jump Rope

Ugh. I hope I don’t end up regretting signing up for this. The women in this class are all super fit. And I’m just…well…me.

Hoping to find time to get my run in tomorrow.