ADHD and Organization

I’m 33 and am only now finally getting a handle on how to keep myself organized. Am I perfect at it? Not even close. In fact the other day I bounced a check and paid a $35 returned check fee. Yikes. But I’m getting better and better and each time I make an error like that I have the space in my life to fix it so that I don’t allow that to happen again. In fact, I’d like to talk about this “space” concept in more depth.

Feeling inadequate in any area of your life can lead you to buy things to fill that void. Boy oh boy did I do that. For years I pressured my husband to buy a bigger house because surely, not having enough storage space in our 1300sqft home was our biggest problem. Not the fact that we were storing all kinds of stuff we didn’t need.

I wish I had a better sense of the timeline of my decluttering process but if I had to guess I’d say I started about a year ago. Once my twins were 3, and in preschool two days a week, I had some more time to reflect on my home and really got cracking on making it into a livable home for my family.

If my experience can help anybody struggling with ADHD in keeping their home clean or their life more streamlined then sharing my story will be worth it. For so long I have held the ADHD badge in shame. No longer.


YouTube’n it up!

I’ve really been into YouTube lately. I didn’t realize how great of a resource it is for home improvement, decor, cleaning, and even cooking it is!

I think I got started on YouTube’s organizing channels with Alejandra Costello’s channel Home Organizing. There are so many great channels that have been of great help in cleaning and organizing my home over the last several months.

Here is an early video from Alejandra…

So I wanted to share a few of my favorites…

Do It On a Dime

*She also recently created a new channel Do It On a Dime Family since she just had a baby boy 🙂

Malitose79 – she is fabulous AND funny!

Malitose79 just created another YouTube account called OrganizedClutterbug, it has a lot of the same videos but I think she’s trying to keep it more to just organizing and less personal/family stuff.

Those are my favorites currently but I’m always searching for more channels. Any good ones that I’ve been missing? Do tell!