YouTube’n it up!

I’ve really been into YouTube lately. I didn’t realize how great of a resource it is for home improvement, decor, cleaning, and even cooking it is!

I think I got started on YouTube’s organizing channels with Alejandra Costello’s channel Home Organizing. There are so many great channels that have been of great help in cleaning and organizing my home over the last several months.

Here is an early video from Alejandra…

So I wanted to share a few of my favorites…

Do It On a Dime

*She also recently created a new channel Do It On a Dime Family since she just had a baby boy 🙂

Malitose79 – she is fabulous AND funny!

Malitose79 just created another YouTube account called OrganizedClutterbug, it has a lot of the same videos but I think she’s trying to keep it more to just organizing and less personal/family stuff.

Those are my favorites currently but I’m always searching for more channels. Any good ones that I’ve been missing? Do tell!