Love me some Sephora!

I’ve been holding out for this Urban Decay Naked 3 palatte. Thought I might get it for Christmas. When I didn’t I thought heck with it, I’m going to buy it for myself! Did get some money for Christmas so I splurged and treated myself to a few beauty items I’ve had my eye on.


M.A.C. Haul: Summer 2014

So I’ve been wanting to buy MAC products for quite awhile now. MAC is considered by some to be the best line in the business but of course it comes with a pretty high price tag. I have done a whole lot of research and decided to finally treat myself to a mini MAC haul.

I let the MAC salesgirl pretty much recommend whichever products she felt would work best for me since this was my first MAC purchase. I wanted a foundation at the very least and after describing my skin type and preference for coverage (dry/minimal coverage), she recommended the newer Prep+Prime BB line. She let me try it on and a was very happy with how it looked on. She matched me with the shade “light plus” but also recommended with any of the other foundation products I would want to go with an NW (15 or 20). I also learned NW stands for neutral to warm! I am really excited to try this product.20140711-230731-83251346.jpg

I also wanted a setting/finishing powder to try. I’ve never used these before but she used it on my face after the foundation and since it didn’t look cakey or anything, I thought it was worth trying out.

20140711-230743-83263922.jpgThis is the mineral Skinfinish Natural, also in “light plus”.

No makeup haul is complete without trying out a new concealer. I knew I wanted to buy a MAC concealer as I have had so much trouble with breakouts lately. Although I think this is a highlighting concealer rather then a minimizing concealer. I’ll give it a shot and find out. I might have to go back for another concealer down the road.


I mentioned to the girl that I wanted to try some eyeshadows too. I thought I would start with a quad. I happened to be at the Nordstrom MAC counter and Nordstrom is having their annual sale right now so she recommended I try this product. It gives you 6 eyeshadows, a blush, bronzer and two lip colors for the same cost. I figure if I really like these naturals I will go back and try out more colors.20140711-230719-83239068.jpg

When I’m spending this much money on makeup I try to get as many samples as I can without hassling or begging.

She gave me a sample of the StudioSculpt in NW15. She mentioned if this doesn’t work I can come back for NW13.


I’m really excited about trying all these products and hopefully coming out with some new favorites. I’m running out of my favorite foundation (Benefit) and I wanted to find something that would be a really good match to my skin. I think I’ve done that.

Stale makeup!

Did you know makeup expires?! Well it does! I was always slightly aware of this. The makeup I first purchased in high school was long past its expiration when I used it in college. I had a sense I needed to trash it all when I would break out every time I used it.

Back when Tyra Banks had a television show, she discussed this issue in an episode and I decided to throw out all my makeup and purchase new but still didn’t have any clue how long my makeup would last.

So…do you know what all these makeup products have in common??


They all have expiration dates listed on the back!20140520-104945-38985896.jpg

Well, not expiration dates per se, but they do indicate how long they are good for. Based upon the date of purchase, you can gage when they should be discarded.

Most of these are products I have purchased recently so I know exactly when the expiration date would be. Of course, 23 months down the line will I remember, probably not.


I found some labels I had left over from another project and cut them to a smaller size. Using the date of purchase and the number of months they are good for, I calculated their expected expiration date. I then wrote the expiration date on the small labels and placed them on each product.20140520-105206-39126476.jpg

Makeup can be a wonderful place for bacteria to harbor, so in addition to throwing out expired makeup, its also a great idea to look into ways to disinfect your makeup from time to time.

Not all makeup comes with expiration dates, if you have some that you are not sure about, make sure to find out the best time frame to discard them in.

Here are some general guidelines for different types of makeup

Mascara 2 – 3 months
Liquid foundation & concealer 6 – 12 months
Lipstick/lip gloss 2 years / 1 year
Nail polish 1 – 2 years
Powder, Eye Shadow, & Blush 2 years
Fragrances 8 – 10 years
Lotion 2 years