Olive Box Subscription

Recently I have been interested in monthly subscription services in which you receive a box rather then a magazine or paper. Different companies offer different things from skin care to mens products to paper products. I just discovered Olive Box. Advertised as a box for paper lovers. I ordered the October box just a few weeks ago and received it in the mail yesterday!

Opening the box is definitely the most exciting part for me so I wanted to do an unboxing video.

In the box were these products…

Greeting card – $5.50 (Odd Daughter Paper Co. www.odddaughterpaper.com)

Recipe cards – $11.00 (Paper Lovely www.paper-lovely.com)

Market list notepad – $7 (Kate & Birdie Paper Co. http://www.kateandbirdie.com)

Sachets with Mulling Spices –  $8 (Chewing the Cud www.chewingthecud.com)

Total Value: $31.50

Cost: $25 (+$7.95 shipping)

If you factor in the shipping, the box isn’t technically a “deal” but if you consider that if you bought these items separately, you would be paying a lot more than $7.95 in shipping costs. So overall, I think its a win. Plus, who doesn’t love receiving a surprise package each month!


#30Lists Cover

I’m not sure if I’m done with this or not. Will probably be evolving all through the month of September. Most of the time I hate my handwriting but I thought it would really give the cover a personalized look. Also I love washi tape so I was trying to get some use out of it.

Suggestions welcome!