Little Libraries

What a fantastic idea!

20140420-150613.jpgThere is a neighborhood not far from our own that my husband and I want to live in someday. We’ve only driven through it a few times but every time we see it, we fall more and more in love with it.

There was a house for sale in the area and we drove by it. After checking out the neighborhood as well, we passed by this sweet little thing. I’ve never heard of this organization, or movement, Little Free Library but now I’m kind of obsessed with it. If you want to find out more, check out



At my MoPs group this morning we had a mom speak about gratitude and general thankfulness. Coincidentally I’ve been thinking aboutĀ this a lot lately.

Not only have I been thinking more about the moments that usually pass me by, but I have been trying to make the most out of each day. Most Monday’s involve MoPs, then home for a nap (sometimes for both twin and I) then the rest of the day is usually wasted playing around the house or watching tv.

Cooper is totally obsessed with the gym playcenter…but he just calls it the gym. We haven’t gone in a few weeks due to travel and illness so he’s been asking just about every single day. After we got home, the kids had a bite to eat and we headed back out to the gym. I dressed to go running but the sunshine and clear water was calling my name! I have been so exhausted today but knowing my kids were in good hands and happy to be here allowed me to relax with style. Perhaps I should have removed my shoes šŸ™‚



The day was still so gorgeous so we stopped at our favorite neighborhood park on the way home. Swings or “wings” were a big hit!



The best part about the day was that I found multiple opportunities to stand back and soak in the amazing moments I’m having with my babies!

Twinsie Playdate

I’ve been getting together with a lot of my twin mom friends lately. There is nothing like getting together with a bunch of ladies who know EXACTLY what type of hell you are currently going through. It’s like therapy…truly.

Last Saturday we all met up at a friends house to go for a long walk together. I wanted to share a few photos of that beautiful morning.

Claire and Cooper had so much fun. There were 4 sets of twins. Two were identical boys and two were boy/girl twins. Identical twins are definitely a rarity in these parts. I admitted to my friends I would be referring to all 4 of their boys as “buddy” from here on out. There is really no hope for me. I can barely get the names straight of two kids who look nothing alike.

My twins being trepidaciousĀ on the “bridge”.



The other set of boy/girl twins.


A good picture of BOTH my kids, that’s a freakin miracle!


I wanted to get a picture of all the kids but this was the best I could get with six 1-2 year olds that were running in every direction.


At the start of the walk we went by this park shortly and my kids started freaking out when we passed it. We turned around and let the kids play awhile before we loaded them back up. It was such a fun day. I’m so lucky to be part of such a phenomenal group of woman.

As a side note, this was the day I ended up pulling a muscle in my left quad. It went away by Monday luckily!