Get Started: Kitchen

I am fortunate to have a husband with the same organizing ideas for our kitchen. When we moved into our home, we unpacked our dishes into the cabinets and they have pretty much stayed exactly the same way ever since.


You’ll have to excuse this horrible picture, our dishwasher is going so the dishes are running low. We organized each shelf in a way to maximize the space while still keeping all like items together. It might not be perfect but it makes sense to us and has worked for us…going on 5 years now. Everything has a place. Nothing else gets stuffed in here and putting away dishes from the dishwasher is super easy.

If someone isn’t as fortunate and their kitchen seems disorganized and completely out of their control, then searching for a particular dish may feel like looking for the lost ark.

We all need to start somewhere. My suggestion..just get started. Pick an item; plates, bowls, glasses, flatware, whatever you want to organize in that moment and gather all those things in one place. I often use my dining room table since its a nice large area that is usually clutter free.

The first step is to decide where that item you’ve selected is going to reside from now on. It might be in a spot that is currently occupied. In that case, those items will need to be moved as well. The idea is just to get to a starting point. Worry about the other stuff later. It’s helpful if everybody is consulted. When you put your heads together, its amazing what wonderful ideas you can come up with! If everyone can agree on a spot that makes sense, that spot is a lot more likely to stay organized over time.

Clean off the shelf or area with a wet rag and disinfect if needed. The items you are putting away may need to be cleaned again. This is also a fabulous time to toss out items that are rarely used or broken or unusable. Place the collection in their new spot and stand back and marvel at your renewed space! You will be amazed at how much a simple organized spot can inspire you. Having things in one singular spot where they are easier to find also saves time. Lots and lots of time.


Goodwill Scores

I’ve been wanting to go to our local Goodwill for a few weeks. There are so many YouTuber’s that score fantastic finds in their local Goodwill’s that I have been dying to check out ours.

Finally today I had some time and made a trek over there. It takes a bit of time to search thru the rows of merchandise that is often crowded on each shelf but it is so totally worth it.

The first thing I came across was housewares. I did have a shopping list of sorts going in and housewares wasn’t on it but I’m a sucker for cute plates.

Image Image

These plates are from the Threshold line at Target. They are made out of Melamine which is a heavy duty plastic. I think they probably go for $3 – $4 each brand new. I’ve seen these designs before and totally contemplated buying them but not having a NEED for them I always passed. But for 49cents a pop, who can resist! I was able to score two plates in each design. They are PERFECT for outdoor use. I’m not a huge fan of this particular southwest look but for whatever reason I love the design on plates.

Right before Christmas I almost bought this plate at Target (or one really similar) but since my kids aren’t really understanding Christmas yet it seemed like a waste. This plate was also 49cents but the original sticker says it was $1.99 at Target. From the Holiday 2009 collection. Can’t wait to use it next year!


Okay, so I’m going to have to explain this next item. Hideous, no?! It’s a Filofax. Or should I say Filofax knock off. It’s hideous and never in a million years would I buy this product…except in this case. I bought it for what it contained within its god awful cover.Image

Filofax inserts. ‘Nuff said. Filofax inserts are expensive!  These have the same hole punches as my Personal sized Filofax and there are a number of inserts that I can use. I figured there was no way I could buy a flyleaf, dividers and a pocket for less than $2.99 online. Sold. The faux lizardskin(?) case is going straight back into our donate basket in the garage.


This is the only thing I actually had on my list to buy at Goodwill today. A hamper. I have a three section hamper for my clothing in the garage but recently have been washing all towels separately. So I needed something to contain them all. The pile atop the dryer just wasn’t doing it for me! 😉 So this hamper will sit nearby for all our towels and other various linens I don’t want to mix in with our clothing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll in all, I spent $9.43 at Goodwill today. Under $10 for all that stuff. Pretty good day if I do say so myself. DoItOnADime on YouTube said it once, go into Goodwill with a list of what you are looking/hoping to find. It really helped in my case. It also allowed me to go straight to the areas I needed to look in rather then wander around aimlessly.