Tackle It Tuesday: One Little Word

Completing the first month of Ali Edwards’ One Little Word® felt so great! Here is what I have so far…


One Little Word® 2015

I am really excited to start on Ali Edwards One Little Word® project this year. Ali Edwards is a major creative force in the scrapbooking and Project Life world. I’ve known of her for awhile now and followed her blog. I’ve seen this project and known other bloggers that do it each year but it always just felt like something extra on my plate, something that I didn’t want to add to the mix. This year though, it felt right.

For whatever the reason, it feels like my life is finally coming together. I went back and forth on what word I was going to choose and the word CLEAN was really speaking to me. Initially I thought about simple or simplify or cleanse but the word CLEAN is just what I needed I believe. CLEAN out my old life, CLEAN out the mistakes I’ve made and am still holding onto (thus punishing myself continuously). CLEAN out the old Erin to make way for the new. I could make New Year’s resolutions that I won’t keep, more promises to break. Or I could start a journey of figuring out who I am and where I want to be.

With the kids starting kindergarten in just under two years, things are really moving forward for us. The kids are getting more mature and taking care of more and more on their own. I can actually ask them to complete tasks on themselves (brush teeth, put on socks & shoes, hang up coat, etc). They no longer nap so they go to bed early which gives us a nice long evening to relax. But also it has made us realize they will be at Jackson Elementary soon enough and we would like to stay in this house longer. If that is going to happen things will need to change a bit. The house needs to be CLEAN. We need to make it work for our family of 4 which includes 2 rapidly growing children.

Of course that is not the only explanation for the word CLEAN. I’ve been working at staying on my medication which helps me have a CLEAN mind. I haven’t been running although I really hope to return to that. It has many meanings to me. CLEAN in the home, CLEAN of the mind, CLEAN of the soul, CLEAN of the body, CLEAN of the heart, a CLEAN slate in my relationships CLEAN bed to get into at night, CLEAN kitchen to cook CLEAN food in, CLEAN spaces for my children to play in, CLEAN office for my husband to work in
CLEAN attitude in disciplining my children, CLEANing out the bookshelves by removing those I’ve read and reading those I haven’t, CLEAN out the office and my crafts stash by using only supplies I have on hand for OLW and other scrapbooking projects.

I know there are many more ways to describe how I plan to see the word CLEAN be used in my life but I think this is a pretty great place to start. I can’t wait to see where this word takes me on my journey this year. This is the year to be CLEAN.

Please stay tuned for updates on this project on my YouTube channel which you can access HERE.


Thought I would take a break from the running posts to get my craft-on. Today I signed up for an online class/adventure thingy called 30 Days of Lists. Anyone who knows me can attest that I LOVE a good list. I’m sure its due to my ADD. 

Yes, I do actually have ADD, I’m not just someone who says it as an excuse for a random bought of laziness. Anywho, back on track.

I’ve seen these class (and hashtag) pop up on instagram from time to time and recently saw that the class was starting up again. I looked it up and its only $8! Definitely worth joining in my opinion. Coincidentally I had just purchased a “For the love of…” mixed paper book from Elise Blaha Cripe. Unfortunately she is sold out of her books currently but check out her blog, she is fabulous. 

The package arrived last week in all its gloriousness.



This is the front and back of the book. It includes many different types of paper, colors, textures, shapes, etc.

One of my favorites is this scalloped piece.


The book didn’t have 30 pages, and even though I could have gotten away with using the front and back of each page, I wanted each list to stand on its own. I ended up adding 4 or 5 extra pages from scrapbook pages I already had. 

I liked this red page with the tiny hearts. I also inserted two pages with the little speech bubbles. Absolutely can’t get enough of the speech bubbles.



Another one of my favorite things is this little divider page. I might try to replicate this and insert some more. The organizational freak in me can’t get enough dividers.



I’m very much looking forward to starting this project on Sept 1. I just hope my complete OCD doesn’t get in the way and I will be able to just let the creative juices flow!

The challenge can be found at http://30daysoflists.com/.