First C25K fail

I don’t know what happened. The week just kind of snuck away from me I guess. I didn’t get in W4D3 on Friday or Saturday. I even “allowed” myself to try and get it in on Sunday but that didn’t happen either.

Monday has gone by and I still haven’t run. Today I have a good excuse though. I’ve started working with a personal trainer. My friend trains with him in a group of women. I think its usually about two at a time, and so now with me, its three. The workout wasn’t even that strenuous. I never came close to passing out OR throwing up but still, my legs are absolute jello. J-E-L-L-O. Sorry, had to throw that in there. So we finished the workout upstairs and afterwards I could barely walk down the stairs. I thought for sure my thighs would give out at any moment. Luckily they didn’t! 😉

So here we are, Tuesday is up next and I do have plans to get up early and get my run on. I am even allowing myself to re-do Week 4. Maybe for some people just continuing on with the running, allowing the weeks to get skewed would be okay. But I’m crazy and the weeks have to make sense. When I started this 8 week program I had 11 weeks until the Run for Courage. I knew this would allow me to repeat a week if necessary. So here is where I’m cashing in that chip. I hope to get much better with my time this week and I definitely want to try to run outside. I’m worried it will be devastating to run outside after running so long on the treadmill. Luckily I have been doing an incline on the treadmill but that may not be enough. We’ll find out tomorrow if I have what it takes!

I hope to have a very exciting post for you tomorrow!


First Biggest Loser Workout

When I joined my gym a month or so ago, they set me up with three free appointments with a personal trainer. Today was my final free appointment. He showed me this morning what we would be doing if I decided to keep going with the personal training (not free).

I have no other way to describe it then simply saying it was the saddest Biggest Loser looking workout ever. I can’t remember the exact order but we did 20 kettle bell squats, 20 lunges, 20 weight bar lifts, 20 bounces of a heavy workout type ball, and worst of all 20 jumps onto a low platform.

After I posted this I remembered I also had to do 20 slalom type jumps back and forth over a line.

All of these things were what you see fat people doing on tv and you scream at the television that they can do it and are pathetic if they can’t. Well, today I got a big dose of that back in my face. This stuff was HARD. So hard in fact that half way thru the second set my head started spinning and I realized I was seconds away from either throwing up or passing out. And I wanted to do neither with all these super fit people around me.

My trainer was very kind and walked me to the ladies room so I could go vomit. Luckily once I sat down next to the toilet (major flashbacks to my pregnancy) I started to recover. Of course by the time I returned to the weight area my free hour had almost elapsed and the session was over.

I learned two things this morning. One, that stuff is NO JOKE. Major props to all the fat people on the Biggest Loser. Second, most of this stuff is mental. Yes, I might have passed out and/or thrown up. But that is all temporary. As my trainer said, you go throw up then come right back and continue on. Well, at least next time I know to bring a toothbrush.

Working out and running has brought a clarity to my mind that I’m not sure I’ve ever known. I never want it to go away. Throw up I may but continue I will.

*As a side note my thighs felt like bricks after the workout and I knew there was no way I could do my C25K training today. Tomorrow I will attempt it depending on how epically sore I feel. Shout out to Dave for helping me with the RunKeeper app thing. I’m a total idiot and it took a friend who I see at the gym often to literally show me the steps on her phone so I could copy it to my phone. So now I can use RunKeeper (my favorite app) instead of the C25K. I’m gettin there!