Real Life Wednesday: Mama’s Little Helper


This was my sons version of putting the grocery bags away. At just over 3 years of age, I couldn’t be happier at how well he did.

In real life, when kids clean up it doesn’t end up looking like a Martha Stewart magazine. That doesn’t mean they aren’t doing their very best. I seriously wanted to leave the bags like that forever. I was so proud of him.

Let your kids help out with anything they show interest in. It’s rewarding for both parties!


Crash course in allergies!



It feels like I’m taking a crash course in allergies over the last 24 hours. Today Cooper had his 4th allergic reaction, to an unknown source and we are frantically trying to decipher what that source is.

Luckily the only reaction he is having are hives and they don’t seem to bother him at all. We are so lucky that there doesn’t seem to be any anaphylactic reaction. My brother has that to nuts and it is SCARE-EEEEE.

After his first reaction I started a food journal. I didn’t fully involve my husband and I think that kept me from really documenting everything he ingested. I stepped it up a bit today by labeling it with a post-it and also pulling out another notebook to take down any thoughts or notes or suggestions that come my way. I think this will help us keep our thoughts straight!



We have isolated the allergy to something he is eating since that is the only constant. It occurs after he eats something. There are no other factors that have been the same over all four reactions. Our laundry detergent has been suggested that as the culprit but that is not it. We have never changed their detergent since they were born. He had his first breakout then nothing for a week, all the while wearing clothing with that same detergent. Even our pediatrician said this morning that its not likely to be external causes.

For the meantime Benadryl resolves the situation but that is not a long term solution. Even after this last reaction it looked like it was taking longer and longer for the reaction to completely disappear. The first time it went away practically immediately.

We did see his pediatrician this morning and she gave us paperwork for a blood test. Thankfully we all went together as a family so we drove right over to the testing center and my husband went in with him to get the blood test. I just couldn’t witness my baby go thru that. Gabe returned and said Cooper never cried!! I am so proud of my little man.

Since its Valentine’s day and we felt super bad for Cooper we went to get donuts after. We gave each kid one donut hole on the drive home. As soon as we got home and walked in the house I noticed he was breaking out again. Hives on his face this time.

I immediately thought it was gluten. I don’t think that anymore since I remembered he had oatmeal for breakfast and no reaction to that.

After texting back and forth with a friend who has gone thru this many times over with her own son, I decided to call the pediatrician to get him an epi-pen. If his reactions continue to get worse, I certainly do not want to be caught without an epi-pen if my son is struggling to breath. She agreed and called in the prescription. Unfortunately the pharmacy does not have the specific epi-pen we want so we have to wait until Monday. Praying he doesn’t have a serious reaction between now and then!

The mystery continues!