Nails: Dining Al Frisco

There really isn’t a point to me painting my nails and posting about it other than that I want to share it. Painting my nails is never something I’ve been good at but I’m hoping to get better at it. Plus, with so many fabulous nail colors out there, how can I resist!

The last polish was looking a bit sad so I removed it and got out OPI’s Dining Al Frisco. Such a fun, electric blue. In fact, I went tonight to Target to pick up a top coat. I am so happy to see that Target now carries an OPI line (Nicole by OPI). I originally picked up the Dining Al Frisco color at Ulta because Organized Like Jen had reviewed it and really liked it.


I tried painting my left hand early in the day, while the kids were awake. The end result being all three of us having painted nails.


I didn’t get to paint my right hand until many hours later. Still total crap at painting my right hand. Maybe after a few weeks of doing this I’ll improve some.

20140705-213751-77871808.jpgEven my left hand is pretty crappy. My cuticules are getting lots better but still have a bit of healing to do. I worked more on removing the excess paint before calling it a day. I put the top coat on too soon. I should have done a second coat on some of the nails.

Lots of learning to do when it comes to painting my nails but at least I’m having fun!



June “No Spending” Challenge

After May madness of spending way too much money on makeup…which did not go unnoticed by the husband, I made a commitment to not spend any money on makeup, or any unnecessary items for that matter, for the entire month of June.

I figured getting things for free was still perfectly okay though! I stopped by Ulta before going to Costco today to grab some free stuff. (Costco is near Ulta so I wasn’t even wasting gas to go there!)