I can see why people quit in Week 4 now. The amount of time I spend walking is now equal to the time I spend running. There is now a 3 minute running interval squeezed in for added fun. I was able to keep up with the running surprisingly but I worry next week will do me in. Perhaps I will need to do Week 4 twice. My body wants to quit for sure. Luckily my mind wants to continue on. ¬†I hope my body doesn’t give out on me and I just go flying off the treadmill at some point. Wouldn’t that be a site!

Ran on the treadmill again today. I hope to run on the path around the gym next time. If only I can figure out how to get to it. I tried to use RunKeeper but there didn’t seem to be a setting for running on the treadmill to use with my workout that I entered manually. It will be useful when I run outside but on the treadmill it just seems pointless. I was able to track the total distance on the treadmill itself and then entered that manually into the RunKeeper¬†after I had completed the workout. Not ideal.

After the crazy workout I did yesterday I thought doing the program today would help my thigh muscles relax a bit. Nope. I can barely walk up the three steps from my garage to my house. Really really sore now.

In other news: I found a fun item at Safeway yesterday. Starbucks Iced Coffee. The jury is still out on whether or not I can actually drink coffee (it usually makes me sleepy). But for now I’m happy to try the iced coffee as it is pretty tasty.




Last Monday I literally decided to get off the couch and start running. I don’t know exactly where my motivation came from. Perhaps I’m just tired of being tired.

I had been thinking about doing this training program called Couch to 5k for quite some time and finally Monday I started on it. The first week only has three days of training. So I ran on Monday and Wednesday. I wasn’t able to do Day 3 until yesterday…when it was 100 degrees outside. Yeaaaahhhhh. Luckily I’ve been having so much fun with this program that I ran anyways!

Unfortunately I didn’t drink nearly enough water. After my run I came down with the worst headache ever. It was awful. I guess learning to run involves more then just feet on the pavement. I hope to learn from this experience.